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Revolving Centre :

Revolving Center: We are stocking & dealing in Tool tech, AMW (Amba) accessories. revolving center standard (3 bearings), heavy duty (4B), extra heavy duty (5B) & jumbo heavy duty models are available. Live center with carbide tipped point, female point & extended point are also available. Sizes MT1 to MT6 with included angle of 60deg. Centers with other included angle can also be supplied. High Speed Revolving Center : For CNC & Copy Turning M/ch with stub/ extended & Plain/Carbide point from MT1 to MT 6. We Offer CNC Center with interchangeable point.

The vast array of tool bits offered by us come in a variety of models such as:

  • Drill Sleeves DIN 2185:
  • DIN 2185 MORSE TAPER SLEEVES WITH TANG Drill Sleeves or Reduction sleeves are used to adapt smaller Morse taper shank tools to larger machine spindles. These are available in two types. A-Grade: - Made from high grade carbon Steel. Completely hardened & Precision ground internally & externally.

  • COLLETS (E40,ER(DIN 6499), R-8,A-25)
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